Vermont, Hermanus

Vermont, Hermanus view

Vermont - Live the holiday

Vermont is a seaside village nestled at the foot the Kleinrivier Mountain range bordering on the Hoek van der Berg nature reserve, just 10 minutes from Hermanus. Vermont serves mainly as a holiday village, its residents making their way here primarily during holiday seasons.

Vermont borders on Onrus and on a number of green belts created in an effort to maintain the inherent tranquillity and endemic fynbos and bird life in the area. A beautiful coastal path stretches from neighbour Onrus along the coastline becoming what is now known as the Vermont Trail, interspersed with tidal pools and ending at the sand dunes of Brekvis (Breakfast) Bay, one of the most undisturbed beaches in the area.

The Vermont Salt Pan, an ecologically sensitive seasonal body of water that teems with bird-life, plays host to a large population of flamingos that come here to breed - their pink wings and long legs against the backdrop of the mountain make a wonderfully scenic memento.