Selling your house means showing it to prospective buyers who buy by comparison. They compare one house against the next until they find the one that most matches their needs and their wants. So you need to exercise some “showmanship” and “set the stage” for a buyer to want to buy your house instead of someone else’s.

Here are 10 tips for setting the stage.

Decide if you really want to sell, because if you answer yes to that question there is a lot that needs to be done to set your house apart from the others.

  1. First of all, and this is this hardest thing, is to set a reasonable price for the property. Remember buyers buy by comparison. Work with your agent and adjust your price if necessary.
  2. Second, and also sometimes hard, is to get things repaired and freshened up. A may cost a little and take some time but some fixing and painting is well worth the effort.
  3. Sort out the furniture in every area. Too much furniture or furniture that’s too big makes a room feel small and cluttered. On the other hand too little furniture could make the room feel empty and uninviting. You may have to put some pieces in storage, or swop pieces around to get the right effect. It can be a drag but see number 1 above.
  4. Make each room suit its purpose. Many people cannot imagine a bedroom being a study or a study being a games room so try where possible to make sure rooms are used for what they were intended. It can also be a real drag but remember number 1 above.
  5. Fresh Flowers in some rooms goes a long way to create a good feeling. Be creative as you may need to do this for a while.
  6. Lights need to be working especially in darker areas like workshops, laundries, storage areas etc. Open curtains where possible and if it’s a dark rainy cape day, put on all the lights – it’s just for a while.
  7. Keep your home as neutral as possible as not everyone likes bright colours. You could have some resistance from some of the family on this one!
  8. Dining Rooms are seldom used in most homes but setting the table (if appropriate) just adds a different dimension to the property.
  9. Bedrooms are special so you need to make sure that they look as nice and inviting as possible within your budget.
  10. Braai areas, garden furniture and pool areas should always be cleaned and tidy and a little “staging” there will also help.

Finally, it’s about showing potential buyers that “here, in this place, you can live”

Author: Bruce Andrew


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