In the next few articles, we will be looking at the factors that go to making the decision to sell your property as painless as possible. We will also be looking at tips that will enhance the chances of selling and even some ideas on maximising your price.

Therefore, the first step is to assess what alternatives are open to you, apart from selling. The alternatives to selling really are to rent your property out on a long-term lease, use it for family holidays exclusively for your family, or to let it out on short-term holiday leases, making sure that you book your holidays first!

Assuming that you choose the selling option, your next step is to decide which route you wish to follow to achieve your objective.

Should you: Sell your property privately or Sell using the professional services of an estate agent?

Selling your property privately has many more disadvantages than advantages, not the least of which is your personal safety. Other disadvantages include the fact that not everyone has the necessary skills to guide a prospective purchaser in making a decision to buy. Negotiating the price can be very stressful and sometimes, to the detriment of the seller. Arranging finance for purchasers is often more difficult than closing the sale, and if unsuccessful, you can extend your time on the market by months. Advertising your property is expensive, particularly if you choose the wrong media mix. While it’s true that you could save the commission fee by selling privately it is just as true that buyers who buy privately will try and beat you down on the basis that you are saving the commission. There are a host of other disadvantages of selling privately, so ask your real estate agent to explain them to you.

Using the services of a professional, qualified and registered agent is the surest way of achieving your objective of the best price, with the least amount of hassle, in the shortest possible time. All agents need to be registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board and need to hold the statutory NQF 4 or NQF 5 qualification in Real Estate.

All the agents at Guthrie and Theron Properties are registered with the EAAB, have the necessary qualifications, or are registered with and working toward the qualification through an accredited real estate training service provider.

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