Pringle Bay

Pringle Bay, Pringle Bay view

One entrance and one exit to Pringle Bay

Pringle Bay is situated in the Kogelberg Biosphere Nature Reserve, where the Unesco world heritage site protects the whole region from over development and densification.

Although Pringle Bay in only an hour’s drive to the Cape Town International Airport, the inhabitants wants to keep the picturesque town safe and peaceful. With th is in mind there is only one entrance into Pringle Bay, which also serves as the exit. This entrance is fitted with security cameras linked to the security company, hence very little crime.

The town faces north with a magnificent view over the bay towards Table Mountain. In mating season the whales come into the bay to give birth to their calves, which is an attraction on its own.

The 1,2 km sand beach provides a very popular walk for inhabitants and their dogs and the lagoon is safe for smaller children. The majestic Hangklip Mountain, at the backdrop of Pringle Bay, is a well-known landmark, and walking trails around Pringle Bay as well as up Hangklip is sought after by nature lovers.

Pringle Bay boasts a small harbour for the fishing enthusiasts and there is a strong community vibe where everybody feels at home.

As far as amenities is concerned, Pringle Bay offers various popular restaurants, convenience shops where you can buy everything you need, a hardware store for your DIY needs and various gift shops.

Whether for a weekend or a holiday, come and spend some relaxing time in Pringle Bay and go back home refreshed, looking forward to your next visit to our paradise.